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The University of New Mexico's Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) Program offers research training and professional development to prepare students for graduate school. IMSD prepares UNM undergraduates for graduate work in biomedical research, drawing on students majoring in STEM-related fields including biology, chemistry, biomedical and chemical engineering, psychology, computer science, and mathematics.

Students in the IMSD program receive financial support, scientific education, and mentoring. In addition, the IMSD program provides training in various areas of professional development, including leadership skills and professional communication.

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Financial support: IMSD students are supported for their research (up to $12,086 per year) and receive funds for research and travel to national scientific meetings.

Scientific education: Most IMSD students go on to graduate or professional school. Since 2004, more than 65 IMSD students have be co-authors on almost 150 papers in top journals (see the list of publications). Each year, IMSD students win awards for their presentations at national scientific meetings and gain recognition for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the University of New Mexico.

Mentoring: IMSD students work with nationally-recognized mentors and faculty leaders with extensive track records for student success.

Leadership: IMSD works to train leaders. Students in our program typically have their choice of top graduate schools, are co-authors on scientific publications, and get to know faculty from the nation's most highly-regarded universities and research institutions.